How You Can Find The Best Dentist In Barrhaven


The Barrhaven area of Ottawa is a close-knit community that features many families with small children.  The community prides itself on being somewhat self sustaining and in this regard, its dental clinics are no different.  Finding a dentist in Barrhaven is not as difficult as it may seem and following the recommendations in this guide can help ensure you find the Barrhaven dentist that is right for you.

  • Choose a dentist and stick with them

It is a good idea to keep a dentist close to your chest because you will be seeing them on a regular basis for check-ups and possibly other treatments.  Developing a relationship and rapport is always good because the dentist will be able to serve you better by knowing your preferences and your dental history.  Staying with the same dentist also elevates the level of responsibility that dentist has for your smile.

  • Get a referral

A referral is the best way to find your new dentist because you gain from someone else’s experience.  Good places to start are your current dentist, friends, family, neighbors and so forth.  Find a dentist that someone you trust can vouch for and you’ve already won half the battle.

  • Logistics matter

What I mean by this is that a dentist must be convenient for you to visit; otherwise you run the risk of shirking your dental responsibilities.  Make sure the dental clinic is close to either your home or work, has ample parking, appointment schedules that suit you and is available to take care of you in an emergency situation.  Payment method or payment plans are also worthwhile discussing with your new dentist.

  • Prospect the prospects

Once you have a few options narrowed down it is time to start calling and visiting.  Make a phone call to a prospective dentist to ensure that they are accepting new patients and to book a consultation appointment.  This appointment should be free of charge.  Check the attitude of the staff, cleanliness of the office, certifications of the dentist etc.  Make sure you can speak to the dentist and that they are sympathetic to your needs.

  • Speaking with the dentist
  • During your interview some questions to broach include:
  • Treatment approaches
  • Are your feelings and wishes understood?
  • Are treatments explained clearly?
  • Are they child friendly?

Having this introductory session can really make the difference between enjoying your dental visits and them being a chore.

If you’ve just moved or are looking for a new dentist for another reason, don’t dismay, there are plenty of reputable and friendly professionals out there for you.  Do your own due diligence and homework so you can rest easy knowing your smile is in good hands.