Online medical booking system

What if there was a way that you could find the best and most affordable hospitals to go to for treatment in Germany, Switzerland, Israel and Austria? Most people actually struggle to find the best affordable and reliable hospitals that can offer them treatment especially if the treatment is only available abroad. A lot of people spend so much time searching the internet in the hope of finding the best facilities. Sometimes it’s difficult to find exactly what your are looking for and on some occasions you could actually fall into the hands of internet scammers. This poses a big risk because diagnostics and treatment when it comes to health matters are not things to be taken lightly.


BookingHealth is an online portal that allows you to search for leading hospitals that offer treatment for your kind of illness. It avails travel opportunities as well as proposals from the four leading countries in the field of medicine and health services, that is, Germany, Austria, Israel and Switzerland. It is like a travel website for medicine.


The portal actually allows you to do several things that in the end assist you in choosing the best hospital for treatment or diagnostics. They include:

* Searching for the most ideal check-up and diagnostic programs
* Booking treatment programs. You can also see the list of measures for specific treatments of more or less relevant ailments
* Viewing a list of rehabilitation measures and also having the option to pick time and duration of every program
* There are also medical Well and SPA tours that you can find on the website

What are the benefits of this site?

1. First of all it saves you a lot of time which would otherwise have been wasted in searching for the best treatment centers abroad. If you want to go for treatment in Germany or Austria and you don’t have any family or friend that can offer you advise on where best to go, you can actually spend so much time just looking for relevant information. On that front, this portal is totally a game changer because you can find the relevant information at the click of a button.

2. Saves you money because it also does price comparison between hospitals and countries. You can therefore get the same services but at a cheaper price which would be an added bonus.

3. Top notch medical services. The portal will give you the best hospitals in the specified countries so that you can receive treatment from only the best doctors and medical facilities. There are over 5,000 doctors in the portal to choose from.

4. Transparency. You get to pick the hospital that you want to go to by yourself. There is also full transparency in financial calculations and follow up on the progress of patients.

The only downside with the portal is that it limits you to four countries. One can however not complain because they are also the best countries in the field of medicine so you are assured of the best treatment facilities and doctors.

BookingHealth is revolutionizing medical tourism and where patients previously had difficulty in seeking treatment abroad, it provides a much needed solution.

Get Younger Glowing Skin with Facial Exercises

The best thing about face exercises is that you can do them anywhere, while sitting on your desk in office, cooking dinner for your family or playing your favorite sport. These exercises not only help you remove the extra fat from your face, they also serve many other purposes.

Why should you do face exercises on a regular basis?

Here are a few reasons:

  1. Release Tension

It’s well-established now that face exercises help you de-stress. When you do face yoga regularly, pressure points around eyes and in the forehead become relaxed. These pressure points, when aggravated, cause irritation and headache. Facial exercise releases the pressure from these points, thereby releasing all the tension. Some women also use these exercises to get rid of the neck and back pain. Working women who spend long strenuous hours in office can specially benefit from this nugget of information.

  1. Younger Looking Skin

Facial muscles, like any other muscles of the body, need to be constantly worked. Face muscles, if left static, become weak and sloppy over time over time. This means more wrinkles and quick ageing. Dedicating ten minutes from your daily routine to a healthy facial workout will not only keep your muscles active but also your skin beaming and glowing. Doing these exercises regularly will keep the skin tout and reduce lines around your eyes, cheeks and jaws.

  1. Eliminate Double Chin and Facial Fat

A double chin is a bummer. The very presence of it can make even a beautiful face look awful. There are many facial exercises that will remove that double chin from your face. Start with ‘tongue press’ and ‘kiss the ceiling’ and see the difference in only a few days. As a matter of fact, regular face routines not only remove the double chin, but also the extra fat present on your face. They also elongate your neck and add height to your personality. Fat makes you look older. With these easy and quick exercises, you can look five years younger in only a couple of months.

  1. Detoxify the Skin

If you take advice from an expert, you can do a lot more with your daily face exercises. Did you know that facial exercises can also help detox? These exercises, when done under the guidance of an expert, cause specific movement of lymphatic fluids through the bloodstream. Face exercises also cause the removal of bacteria and dirt from the skin. This natural detox is healthy, easy and side-effect free.

  1. Boost the Complexion

Now that is surprising, right? It is, but it is also true. Facial exercises facilitate enhanced blood circulation. When blood moves through your face, it also carries along with it oxygen and useful nutrients. This causes the removal of dead blood cells and the resulting skin is not only clearer but also shinier and healthier. At the same time, these exercises will maintain the elasticity of your skin cells and give you that healthy glow and smooth skin that every woman wants.

Unlike skin treatments and cosmetic surgery, face yoga is free of cost. You will get a beautiful skin without spending any money. What more does a woman want!

Snacking on the Run: Delicious Options and What to Avoid

You’re busy, and that makes eating healthfully a bit difficult. Fortunately, there are a few ways to makeon-the-go snacking healthier. Here are a number of things you can include as well as a few things to avoid when snacking on the run.

Good Snack Ideas

When you find yourself in need of a quick bite to eat, you aren’t limited to fatty, high-calorie junk. There are a number of ways to get some good nutrients in your body when on the go.

  • Order a salad:Many fast-food restaurants offer salads. If you must go through the drive thru, consider including a salad with your order to get much-needed, low-calorie nutrients into your system.
  • Go to a grocery store: Rather than going for fast food, consider a quick trip to the grocery store. You will likely have much healthier options, such as fruit, yogurt, sushi, and other pre-prepared food items.
  • Stock up healthy snacks: Keeping healthy snacks in your car while you’re on the go will help you avoid the temptation to get something less than healthy when hunger strikes.There are many options available, such as a peanut butter chocolate protein bar, protein chips, or other nutritious options.

What to Avoid

It’s easy to fall into a number of unhealthy pitfalls when snacking on the run. Some things to avoid include:

  • High-calorie drinks:Soft drinks, fruit juices, energy drinks, and other popular beverages are usually terrible for you. Rather than going for a sugary drink, get a tall glass of water instead.
  • Mayonnaise:Removing mayo from a sandwich will eliminate a ton of calories, so it’s best to have fast food places hold the mayo when you order.
  • Sugary snacks:Candy bars are quick, but aren’t very healthy, and are often not that filling either. Going for a protein bar is a much better option when it comes to healthy snacking.

Healthy Snacks

Vendors such as Nashua Nutrition provide a variety of options for healthy snacks that are great for when you’re on the go. Here are a few:

  • Glenny’s Easy PeasyProtein Chips
  • HealthSmart ProteinKrinkles
  • Chef Jay’s Tri-O-Plex cookies
  • Kay’s Naturals Protein Pretzels

There are many options available for healthy snacking. Rather than going for asupersized fast food order, try a few of these options instead.


Rehab Advice From Per Wickstrom

Per Wickstrom is a public figure in society today due to his impeccable values and him being in the drug rehabilitation field for many years now saving one life at a time. He has demonstrated his values by focusing his time on his clients and not on himself. Per Wickstrom doesn’t only work for profit, he mainly works to have a sense of feeling like he is doing something right and something to help people in society just like when he got the same treatment when he went through drug rehabilitation. Per Wickstrom is the owner of Best Drug Rehabilitation, a very popular drug rehab located in Manistee, Michigan.Over the years, Per Wickstrom has managed to rehabilitate over 6000 individuals from their drug addiction and counting.

When you are someone who is familiar in a particular field, it makes your career much more interesting and at times, it doesn’t even feel like work for Per Wickstrom. Per Wickstrom had his own experience in drug rehabilitation once upon a time. He was about 14 years old when he had his first heart break which was the root of his drug addiction problem. Basically Per Wickstrom had his first beer and then not too long after started to abuse more severe drugs. When Per Wickstrom eventually finally hit rock bottom he knew it was time to change his life around and was dedicated to do so. He signed up for many drug rehabs and none would work. One day he signed up for a holistic and natural approach to recovery and this is the one that worked for him. Per Wickstrom is now taking that experience and putting it to use and that is why his drug rehabs are extremely successful compared to an average drug rehab. Per Wickstrom continues to talk about his experience as an addict and what going through rehab was like to some of his clients that are struggling with their addiction and currently staying at his rehab centers. Drug addiction is a serious and sensitive topic to discuss but once you can say that you are finally sober and recovery paid off, all the pain is temporary and everything will be worth it in the end. A career in the drug recovery field is extremely rewarded for Per Wickstrom because he is now saving lives every day and paying it forward.

Obesity In America

Obesity in America is no laughing matter, with obesity rates almost doubling since the 1970’s. Did you know 1 in 3 Americans are considered to be obese? That comes out to almost 33% of the population! Check out the infographic below, provided by Nashua Nutrition – a website dedicated to offering nutritious products to keep us healthy and fit.


Winter season is a challenging time of the year for our body and especially for our hair. There are certain things though we can do to develop optimal hair maintenance during this time of the year. At  barber shop times square we have prepared a list of the most useful tips for winter hair maintenance.

  1. Regulate washing frequency

Too much is never good, especially for your hair. Frequent washing deprives your hair of its essential oils leaving it feel dry and dehydrated. Winter hair is extremely prone to dryness therefore, barbers at  barber shop times square advise to eliminate the habit of everyday washing. Now you understand the importance of optimal shampooing frequency so we recommend taking the right path and washing your hair at least every other day.

  1. Treat with rich conditioning

Regular use of a good conditioner is one of the most important elements of winter hair maintenance. This product will become your hair’s best friend and offer only the best things – rich nourishment and unbelievable moisture. Treat your mane to a conditioner regularly and never underestimate the importance of this miracle, especially in winter season.

  1. Give heated tools a rest

Heated appliances are your frenemies. On the one hand, they can make you look super awesome, but on the other hand, they can cause awful thermal damage. Our body feels weaker during winter season, as well as our hair, thus being prone to damage. It would be wise to minimize the use of heat styling tools and prevent potential heat dangers.

  1. Beware of cold weather

Besides Christmas, cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate, winter season brings us fierce winds, dry air and low temperatures. Extreme weather conditions make it extremely difficult for your mane to keep it going through winter season. In order to protect your hair, you should always wear a hat and remember what your mom told – never leave the house with your hair being wet!

  1. Take a regular care of ends

Ends are the weakest and oldest part of your hair that is extremely susceptible to damage, especially in rough weather conditions. Moreover, damaged ends are potentially dangerous for overall condition of your hair because damage has a tendency to travel farther. As a conclusion, we might say that you should see your barber more often and maintain your ends in time.

Take these helpful tips into consideration and keep your hair ultimately healthy during winter season!

More tips for your beauty here barber shop times square

buy treadmill in india

India is growing and so is the waist of the average Indian. The 24/7 life style and rising incomes are leading to over nutrition and the average urban Indian weighs 5.2 kg more today than his parents generation. India is the worlds capital of diabetes , heart disease and child hood obesity. The wellness and fitness industry in India is also growing 23% every year. Urban Indians are starved for time and make attempts to adopt a healthier lifestyle because of rising awareness about the need for exercise and diet changes.

Veganism is growing and people are finding that becoming Vegan reduces their risk of heart disease and induces weight loss. However, so is the awareness and demand for fitness equipment in India. With hundreds of gyms all over the country people either visit the gym or buy some gym equipment for their home. The best option would be to visit a park and go outdoor for some fresh air and exercise, but severe weather and conservative attitudes mean that several people prefer to workout in the privacy of their home.

There are several fitness equipment brands in each city of India. Its a highly un regulated industry with few companies investing in after sales support. Among the top international brands in India are Technogym, Precor, Panatta, Stex, Sole , Spirit & Afton These brands comprise 80% of the gym equipment market in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kochi.

Also boot camps, MMA classes, Spin studios & Zumba classes are growing rapidly to take care of the needs of a 1.2 Billion person market. High end yoga studios offering power yoga to weight loss yoga are the flavour of the season frequented mostly by women.

Men gravitate towards strength training and cardio programs alternating between the two. You can buy treadmill in India and get detailed information about how to set up a gym at any of the fitness equipment brands listed in this column.

The Best Way To Remove Acne Scars Fast For Girls

Acne alone is a debilitating and awkward skin affliction. Alas, many girls will experience acne at a certain time within their own lives. Despite the fact that it may be efficiently treated, the scars which are made by the state continue to be not welcome. There are nevertheless distinct ways by which the appearance of scars can boost and eventually eliminate these. Acne scars may be removed utilizing these measures.

  1. Use Of Natural Treatments

Fresh lemon juice is among the natural treatments for acne scars. It’s bleaching properties which help making them less visible.

Baking soda works great with this skin affliction. It’s a fantastic fix for minimizing the look of the scars along the way and exfoliating the skin. The paste may be used once.

Honey makes another natural treatment that is great. The option works nicely in clearing marks and the scars which are left behind.

  1. Medicated Treatment And Lotions

It’s just another way of removing acne scars. Treatments and other merchandise you can select to include are retinoid chemical peels, laser treatment, filler and goods.

  1. Skin care

It’s just another option for girls to remove scars. You can begin by using skincare products that are mild and shielding your skin in the sun. Exfoliating the skin will even create a difference to the look of unsightly scarring. The scars will often be worse when you pick on acne. Additionally under skincare, a healthful, balanced diet is important and drinking a lot of water everyday. They’re the straightforward procedures of getting smooth, clear skin that is healthy.

Probably the quickest method of removing scars is laser treatment. It may nevertheless be quite expensive. Together with the many choices yet, it’s important to make an effort to look for a path that may aid in removing acne scars on your specific state.

Herbal Weight Loss with Plexus Slim

Losing weight is something many people struggle with. It’s pretty much a full lifestyle change. Many people will pursue a hardcore dieting, but it’s something that your body and mind will fight you on. Plexus Slim found natural herbs that when mixed and blended together will help your body curb its appetite and burn fat faster. This will help you mentally and physically control your eating habits. It is also known to boost your energy levels.

Taking Plexus Slim has helped many people around the world achieve their weight loss goals and get healthy, but they understand every person has a different body. It’s important that Plexus Slim gets you the results you want and you are fully satisfied. To ensure that their product will work for you, they have a 60-day money back guarantee policy.

There are many different products that are part of Plexus Slim. There are cleansers, detoxers, energy boosters and more! The most famous and well know product is the known as the Pink Drink. Learn more and see if Plexus Slim products are a good fit for you today.

How to Motivate Yourself in Health and Fitness

Is There a Real Need For a Personal Trainer?

Let’s talk about different forms of motivation. As a person looking to get motivated to lose weight, you should first ask yourself, “Can I motivate myself? If I cannot afford a personal trainer can I still get the job done?” Some people – those who are motivated by something or have completely made a decision to motivate themselves — can use this motivation to get to a point where they’re making good decisions about their eating habits, losing weight, and reaching their goals. On the other hand, there are people looking to lose weight who are not in a particular state of mind to motivate themselves. The question is, Do you need a personal trainer to motivate you? I cannot answer that question for you directly, just as I can’t take your journey to health and fitness for you. But I can tell you this: in my opinion you can lose weight without a personal trainer. And you can even lose weight without dieting. I’ll give you tips on how to succeed in self-motivating to weight loss, and discuss if and how a trainer can be useful in the process.

You Can ‘Do It Yourself’

Self-motivating can be very difficult. We have created a society which seems to be very needy. This manifests in the realm of health and fitness as the belief that we have to hire a personal trainer and go to a gym in order to accomplish our health goals. But personal trainers are just another tool to assist you in your weight loss; hiring a personal trainer does not determine whether you’re going to lose weight or reach your goals. I know a lot of personal trainers who have obese clients start a weight loss process and after they lose five or 10 pounds they set them loose. Those clients are still obese. I know personal trainers working with clients to get them stronger but they end up gaining weight because of the muscles they build. In the grand scheme of things, this is a positive development because muscle burns more calories than fat, but the clients cannot control what they are doing outside of the gym– self-motivating to change their diets – so they do not lose weight. The good news is that the inverse is also true: you CAN lose weight without a personal trainer. If you structure the way you make changes in your life properly, you can do the job of losing weight and getting fit yourself.

To do this, you will have to understand certain aspects of fitness and nutrition. Given the public health crisis of obesity in our society, there are enormous amounts of information on how not to be obese available to you — on the Internet and in libraries and bookstores — that you should take full advantage of. Gather resources and information about the human body, food plans, workouts, training regimens, and dietary supplements to help you work towards reaching your fitness goals. I also recommend looking in the self-help section of the bookstore to see what speaks to you. This can help you change your mind about other negative habits in your life so there is a complete metamorphosis, not just of the body but of the mind as well. This is what ultimately determines your success – how far you can go to alter your mind. This is why personal trainers do not guarantee weight loss, because they cannot live in your head. What can guarantee that you reach your goal is altering your state of mind so that you think differently about health and fitness, about your weight loss. Even better, eventually you will not have to think about it at all. Health and fitness and training can and will become second nature, just like waking up and brushing your teeth.

You Can Do It at Home

As we think about health and fitness being second nature, let’s also consider the necessity of a gym or fitness facility to reach our fitness goals. As with the ‘need’ for a personal trainer, there is no need to pay a monthly fee to enter a place where there is equipment, other people, or sometimes distractions in order to reach our fitness goals and become healthier people. Just being active and doing more than you did in order to become obese or gain the weight will start the process of reversing your obesity or shedding pounds. So if you do not have a gym or fitness facility, what do you or where do you go for exercise? Well, places you can get a good workout may be in your own home, like a spare bedroom, basement, or garage. Find a spot where you can lay out a couple of mats, put up a small television, get a few free weights, and some workout videos. Add some fresh plants and make sure you have nice lighting and upbeat colors to make it an inviting personal workout space. Over time, setting up your own workout space will cost you considerably less than the gym membership that you going to be paying for even when you’re not going to the gym.

You can also go outside in the sunshine and nature to get some vitamin D and fresh air. In the spring, summer, and fall your training may happen at a park or lake or some other outdoor venue. In the winter this may be a little bit more difficult, but you will have your personal workout space to retreat to, where you can continue to stretch, do push-ups, sit-ups and free squats in order to keep your body in motion to burn fat and continue weight loss. None of these suggestions requires you going to a fitness facility. They don’t require you to put out a great deal of money to become healthy. What it does require is that you build a resistance to failure and the negative voices in your head and create within yourself the aptitude for self-motivation. This means you will have to take on the burden of being able to motivate yourself. In essence you will have to become your own personal trainer.